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The Property and Casualty insurance industry today is marked by change: consolidation, demutualization, and a strong trend toward specialization.

Comp Capital invests in its own proprietary business’s.

Competition has intensified and financial performance is paramount. At the same time, scrutiny from outside constituencies; financial analysts, regulators and policyholder interest groups, has amplified the demand for information and analysis. This environment demands best practices in all aspects of company operations, financial management, product development, information systems and client services.

Yet many Property and Casualty insurers lack the internal resources to devote to these quick-paced environmental changes and requirements. How can we help?

Comp Capital through its own capital and resources has access to actuarial and other modeling and business planning expertise to Provide Business Solutions.

Comp Capital provides through its operating subsidiaries, offers our clients unparalleled technical expertise to solve their business problems.


Comp Capital is a bespoke provider of these tools, having good contacts both in the traditional market place and the new capital markets, especially the Hedge Fund Industry. Our client base ranges from traditional US Based Property and Casualty Companies to boutique Managing General Agencies in the Specialty Market place.

Comp Capital has strong contacts in the regulatory market place especially in Bermuda, South America and Gibraltar ; and access to State side affiliated professionals serving the Property and Casualty insurance industry, such as attorneys, actuary’s, portfolio managers and software developers and its own regulated property and casualty  issuing carriers .

Comp Capital also has relationship with broker- dealers and capital willing to be involved in the securitized markets place, including Insurance Linked securities and bespoke surety policies for large projects that require bespoke financing and securitization with an insurance wrap